Introduction to Linux


Short lectures and demonstrations will cover distribution, shell, kernel, userspace, file hierarchy, permissions, and more. That’s why it’s very important for any programmer, IT professional, or a developer to learn and understand Linux, both the operating system, as well as the command line. If you like these best Linux online training courses from Udemy, Pluralsight, Coursera, and edX, then please share them with your friends and colleagues. Nothing gets better than learning Linux today, earn highly from your newfound knowledge and skills and watch your dreams unfold with a professional and lucrative IT career. Many companies today prefer running their computer systems using Linux operating system because of its illustrious security implementation tactics and methodologies. Therefore, this course will help you dive into understanding why Linux is the number one operating system powering several web servers on the Internet today.

What is the best Linux course for beginners?

  • Learning Linux for LFCA Certification: LearnQuest.
  • Unix and Bash for Beginners: Codio.
  • The Bash Shell and Basic Scripting in Linux: Coursera Project Network.
  • Introduction to Containers w/ Docker, Kubernetes & OpenShift: IBM Skills Network.

Being open source and free to access aren’t the only reasons people recommend Linux. Linux is pretty ubiquitous when it comes to cloud learning and cloud applications. When you hear about the Internet of Things or optimizing the software that servers use, that usually involves the use of Linux. Becoming familiar — if not certified — in the basics and beyond with Linux can help your career or your company’s cloud capabilities immensely. That’s why starting with engaging video lessons led by Linux pros to teach you core concepts is just that — a start. In the past, I have shared some free Linux courses and free bash scripting courses for programmers and developers.

Skills you will learn

Ubuntu, as I previously stated, is an essential skill for every programmer or IT worker. The purpose of this course is to offer a basic, conceptual introduction to the principles of the Ubuntu operating system. One such course will show you how to build up an Ubuntu Linux server in VirtualBox to gain a feel for the Linux command line on a Mac or Windows computer.

How can I learn Linux in Hindi?

GreatLearning offers Linux operating systems in Hindi to learn the topic at your speed and in a  simple way. When you acquire something in your language you understand it properly. According to this vision, we are serving such academic programs.

In the software industry, it is a well-known fact that an operating system is the most important component of a computer. It is the primary software that manages all the software and hardware on a computer. There are different types of operating systems and Linux Tutorial is one among them. The course material is designed to keep the newbies in mind. They can quickly learn the concepts and strengthen their foundation in the Linux system. However, the course comes with the advantage of free enrolment, but learners have to pay a nominal amount for certification.

Open Source Software Development, Linux and Git Specialization [Coursera]

Of course, they are not as comprehensive as some of the paid courses down there but still, you can use them to start your Linux journey. There is also a huge demand for Linux System admins, if you want to become a Linux System admin then you can join this resource to learn Linux from scratch in 2022. Overall a course for both beginners, well-organized and cristal clear but still concise and therefore advances fast on a variety of topics. On the other hand, you can work as a Linux system engineer and your job is performing remote troubleshooting, determining solutions for any problem they had in their Linux systems, and more.

Linux is easy to learn especially for people with some experience in technology. There are also other resources to help beginners learn Linux easily which include coding bootcamps, online resources, free tutorials, and books. Depending on the level of mastery you wish to achieve, learning Linux could take anywhere from several weeks to years. When standalone software like IDEs and tools are removed, most real-world Java applications, such as payment gateways, trading platforms, and other financial applications, work on Ubuntu. That’s why learning and understanding Ubuntu, both the operating system and the command line, is critical for any programmer, IT professional, or developer. It is a great book for beginners who are still learning about basic commands, but it will serve you even as you advance your knowledge.

Learn To Code. Get Hired. Join the Zero To Mastery Academy. | Zero To Mastery

This Linux tutorial is easy to understand and is taught in Hindi by the trainer. The basics of the Linux Operating system are explained in detail with live examples. Before we start to setup our Linux From Scratch system I would like to discuss what is a personal computer. Having an understanding of what makes Linux OS Lessons a computer, and how it operates at a hardware level will help understanding why software works the way it does. We have talked about Linux on a desktop machine, but one of the real strengths of Linux is it’s use as a server. Due to the stability of Linux and scheduling capabilities they make good servers.

Linux OS Lessons

The first thing to do for learning Linux is to prioritize your needs. As Linux comes with many distributions, you have to choose a distribution that suits your needs. If you have to pick one of the best programming software systems that you can get on the market, there is nothing that is better and has more benefits than that offered by Linux. Below are some of the best reasons why you should choose to go with the Linux system rather than choosing one of the other systems in the market. You can install and execute Linux on anything that consists of a processor.

Digital Rights Management

This course gives you the absolute shortest path to learning the basics. It also provides you the fastest way to learn the most advanced features, too. This is an awesome course to learn the Linux command line.

If you want to become a system administrator, knowing Linux is almost essential. The answer to why you should learn Linux is that it is a must-know technology with a wide range of applications.

Recommended Courses

Btw, you would need a Pluralsight membership to access this course which costs around $29 per month or $299 for one year. This gives you access to this course and more than 7000+ other courses on the latest technology. Alternatively, you can also take their 10-day-free-trail to access this course for FREE. The Linux kernel was subsequently developed jointly and centrally under the development of distributions and add-on packages. The hardware platforms on which Linux can run are listed in part below. Linux is an Open Source Software that is developed and enhanced on a constant basis by a sizable community of programmers.

  • You’ll learn how to use Bash commands and write Bash scripts that allow you to automate tasks and power up what we can do in Linux.
  • Created by Ziyad Hiya, this Udemy course will teach you Linux Command-Line from scratch with a project-based approach.
  • So if you want to be a Linux system administrator or a Linux system engineer, you can complete reading this article.
  • From the Linux command console to the advanced concepts like creating Linux commands, there is a bundle of things added to the syllabus.

With the help of the Pwd command, you can find where your home directory is in a relationship with the rest of the file system. For using a Linux system in an effective manner, you must navigate around the file system and gain in-depth knowledge of what is around you. Lists all the important directories filed under a given file system. This application will help you locate new applications you can install. Using the Terminal, you can install applications that are not present in the Software Center. Text adventure games were really fun and popular back when computers first started and they are beginning to gain some more popularity since mobile devices are being used more frequently. Zoph is a program that is able to work well on Linux that is going to allow you to share your personal photos with friends and family.